Monday, October 14, 2013

Columbus Day Prints

In what seems to be all-too realistic punk by human resources, I had to work on Columbus Day. I didn't consider the gravity of the situation until I trekked up the Northeast corridor and into Vermont this weekend with three of my gal pals, and soon realized that I was the only one having to return to our respective concrete jungles on Sunday for pre-Monday decompression (which I spent watching the Cory Monteith tribute episode on Glee). It wasn't until I walked through my curry-wafting door on Sunday night that I noted my sister's absence as indication that she too, who works in an industry mirroring my own, had Monday off. And my mom, though not the 9 to 5 regular, had signed herself up for a Columbus Day nature hike across New York.

That's okay. I'm not bitter that everyone I know celebrated Columbus Day. I consoled myself by taking a personal D.E.A.R. hour to read up on the day's significance. For a reason that has to do with the algorithm responsible for the placement of articles on the New York Times homepage, I also read a little too much about Bill de Blasio, so I now will always associate Columbus Day with the New York mayoral election.

As expected, nothing eye-popping stands out re: Columbus Day. The New York Times did note that the day's weather was perfect for a parade, which Bill de Blasio, coincidentally or not at all, also marched in.

I'll pick up where the New York Times left off. Columbus Day falls (watch out, we're in pun territory) on the perfect fall date. To take a Miss Congeniality quote out of context, it's not too hot, it's not too cold, all you need is a light jacket.

Mid-October presents the perfect opportunity to wear a fleece jacket. I'm not talking about the solid-colored fleece coats of the Patagonia or LL Bean variety worn by hot dads everywhere, but of the crazy printed ones well-suited for women over the age of 65. I envision the print to be in fleece, though it could take form in a bulky sweater as well. The material should be able to handle the occasional gust of wind and be patterned with a print that can only be appropriately displayed in the autumn.

Here's what I'm thinking: A jacket or sweater coat with a) a lumberjack pattern b) an aztec print, or c) a hybrid of a) and b). When worn with loose jeans/corduroys/cargo pants and a pair of booties, you may have found the ideal balance between comfort and #fahshan. Also: tortoise jewelry. So chunky.

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