Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Grey or gray?

Gray is my favorite color to wear. I own a lot of overlapping styles of gray shirts from both the men's and women's departments, which I often pair with gray jeans to create a slick washed-out groufit. As I'm well versed in the matters of gray clothes, I'd argue that the most practical gray item of clothing one should own is the gray sweatshirt. (Enter Fifty Shades of Gray pun somewhere in this paragraph.)

My sister sent me a message on gchat (the communicative tool of the yopro generation) this morning to tell me that she channelled Michael Carrington from Grease 2 yesterday by wearing a new gray sweatshirt. An obscure reference to default to if only because Danny Zucko wears a gray sweatshirt in the masterpiece that is the first production of Grease.

As far as mixing and matching gris goes though, neither Michael Carrington nor Danny Zucko are the ones to source for style inspiration. Rather, we should take a queue from Sarah Jessica Parker, the leading advocate of artificially straightened hair and my second favorite celebrity to track paparazzi pictures of on the interwebz. I've been taking style notes from photos of SJP walking her children around the West Village since James Wilkie started preschool. Her winter parka was my original inspiration for Malakai, and as long she's wearing Uggs in winter, I'm wearing Uggs in the winter.

But back to gray. SJP is starring in Amanda Peet's new off-Broadway play, and a picture of her at the premiere reveals her seamless ability to transition a groutfit from day to night. See comparative notes below.

Exhibit A:

Image via Google

SJP mixes and matches various shades of gray while toting a crocodile bag and herself around the environs of what is presumably Lower Manhattan. The heels add a bit of color and height to the pocket-sized lil' lady. Also note that her lip gloss is poppin'.

Exhibit B:

Photo ops call for SJP to add jeweled accoutrements and a black booty to her groutfit, and she remains the chicest lady in the room, though Amanda Peet's turtleneck sweater is the bee's knees (and would look great with a beige trouser.) SJP's pant leg brings up a controversial question to be discussed at a later date: what is the right way to cuff one's jeans?

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  1. You have an interesting viewpoint regarding fashion. I'm no way a fashionista but there something unique about your POV.