Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I haven't published a new post in almost a week, which for lack of a better reason is because I've spent the past couple of nights post-work/life activities watching JFK TV movies and documentaries.

I've thrown myself full force into the JFK commemorative hysteria that's plaguing every TV channel of late. I'm a history buff. I hate that I just referred to myself as a history buff because I don't associate history and the majority of its enthusiasts to be physically buff (wow, baaad joke, baaad play on words), but I'm really quite happy that it's socially acceptable, if only temporarily, to watch disheveled-looking 65 year old men discuss the inner-workings of JFK's mind on PBS like they personally knew the prezzie.

My birthday falls on the anniversary of the assassination, as it has for the last 22 years. A couple of weeks ago, I had an idea to host a Camelot-themed birthday dinner, but the few people who I shared the concept with looked at me with blank stares when I explained that everyone should come to the party channeling a member of the JFK administration. One of the JFK experts who I alluded to above is probably hosting a similar party come next Friday, but I think I'll wait until the 75th anniversary rolls around to throw mine.

Anyway, as this blog is about the deeply profound subject of clothes and how to wear them, I'll dedicate the rest of the post to how one could channel JFK himself. I scrolled through a Kennedy photo history on a website appropriately titled The History Place and came across a few styles that are channeling-worthy.

Image via The History Place

The above picture proves not only that Ted Kennedy got the short of the stick looks wise, but that plaid is, and always will be, a classic. Another thing that one can never have enough of: plaid shirts. And what is going on with Jack's waistband?

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