Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Hobby

I'm taking up a new hobby and I'm really excited about it, but before I tell you more (do you feel the suspense?), let's talk about the importance of hobbies. For those of us who may or may not find ourselves doing entry-level work that seems a little devoid of meaning at times (don't blame me, blame our #generation), it's important have both a personal project and a hobby for the sake of our mental health.

What's the difference between a personal project and a hobby, you ask? A personal project is an ongoing project that you pursue outside of work--it's what you wish were able to support you financially, and it usually has something to do with your passion. If you're really lucky and successful, your personal project turns into your career, at which point it ceases to be your personal project. Hobbies, on the other hand, are activities that you like to do for fun. You don't dream that your hobby will become your career. If/when you do, it becomes your personal project. Ya know?

I've had a few hobbies over the past couple of years. My first one was collaging, because what does a teenage girl do with her old magazines if not collage them? I've also dabbled in friendship bracelets, which was fun until people stopped wanting them. I returned from my year abroad in France two years ago with the intention of taking up impressionist painting as a hobby, but a walk down the paint supplies aisle at Michael's made me realize that I wasn't ready to commit financially to buying canvases. Most recently, after lamenting my existence one day this past summer, I decided to take up acting. I signed up for an acting class with the hope of finding myself on the stage, but all I found was that I'm a really awful actor.

My new hobby taps into my artistic side, is affordable, and doesn't require me to, well, act. Are you ready?

It's...nail art!

I happend upon it at a dollar store in Japantown in San Francisco the other day. I was browsing the aisles and munching on dried seaweed strips when I came across a nail art kit. I have yet to buy the kit, but I've fully conceptualized my future nails, and I've even created a Pinterest board for inspiration. If that's not dedication to my new hobby, I don't know what is. On a side note, shoot me if I ever let nail art become my personal project.

Readers, I know you're out there. What are YOUR hobbies?

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