Thursday, July 3, 2014


The blog has been dormant over the past couple of weeks for reasons neither here nor there. Well, actually, I know why. The internet is hyper wonky in my new apartment and an internet connection is crucial to the functioning of a blog. Also, in the time that I should be at my own apartment living my independent life, I'm usually at my parents' apartment. I'd blog from there, but I'm too busy picking fights with them and pretending I'd rather be somewhere else.

I've been inspired to give the blog another life because I finally have some time off from work. A four-day weekend is a mini break if I've ever seen one, and I haven't had time off like this since I impulsively went to Paris in February (things that were awesome: that.) Also, I found a new blog the other day that has become my new blog idol and thus motivated me to get my fingers typin': Ma Récréation. It's not so much that I want my blog to be this blog as much as I want to be the blogger herself: a French beauty editor. If all my years spent learning French have amounted to nothing but the ability to read French blogs then so be it. I'll never be a diplomat. Or a professor. (What other professions does a fluency in French require? Do tell.)

This post is mainly an acknowledgment of the low frequency posts any of you readers have been noticing over the past couple of months and a subsequent promise to get back on the saddle. And go read Ma Récréation. You can translate it into English if you'd like. C'est comme tu veux, nanas.

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