Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Are You There Blog, It's Me...

I haven't blogged in a while and that isn't anyone's fault but my own. If it's any consolation, I have a bunch of half-written blog posts in the drafts section of my email, where you'll also find an essay that equates being in the friend zone to being seltzer (#ping me if you'd like to hear more) and a list of things I want for fall, which I then transcribed to a Post-It note and placed in my Staples planner lest I forget what I want to buy and wear and prance around in come the autumnal months.

Another monthly astrology forecast has come and gone since my last blog post, an unremarkable unit of measurement given that I have no idea what my August horoscope is trying to tell me. It doesn't matter though because I'm off horoscopes. I thought I was having some days of true love in June and July but they actually turned out to be days of friendship (see seltzer essay), and apparently I'm going to have the "international trip of my lifetime" in the next thirteen months but my recent excursions into anywhere that sells fabric on hangers leads me to believe otherwise, unless the foreign lover that is supposed to enter my life pays for my foreign trips. Things to think and dream about: that.

I wish I could give this blog post a topic to rally around but I can't because my brain is dead. It's August 13 which is kind of a big deal in my family because it is both my dad's birthday and my parent's anniversary, and it's calendrical positioning smack in the middle of the universal vacation month means that every other August 13 of my life has been spent on a beach, at a pool or sleeping on the couch, and not in a cubicle looking at two computer screens and a wall plastered with vocabulary notecards. Call le petit prince, I've grown up and it's brutal.

Expect some forthcoming posts adapted from the 'Things I Want for Fall' email I sent to myself. It features lots of boots, striped shirts and other things I already own but think I need more of.

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