Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Few Midday Thoughts

Some things that have come to my mind while trolling the internet for both work and pleasure today:

1. Coach has come a long way from the wristlets we all wore (and presently deny to have loved) in 2005. I want one of these cross body bags (in blue, please) to escort me into fall.

2. Is this Altuzarra coat high fashun Patagucci or WHAT? I wore its Patagonia twin to my MWF math classes sophomore year of college, and I had a crush on every outdoors club guy that did too.

Image via Style.com
3. Emmanuelle Alt is hitting up fashion week accompanied by a new gang of pant-and-stiletto wearing Voguettes. They're blonder than the previous generation but still vaguely adhere to the rules of monochromatic dressing.

That was then...
...This is now (Image via The Cut)
4. On a pop culture note, I have a new favorite celebrity tween couple, which appears to be in the midst of being confirmed by publicists: Chloe Grace Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham. I suspected this since I first saw pics of them skateboarding in Venice a couple of months ago. Going to get a life now, bye.

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