Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Small Indiscretion

There's something about the winter that makes me read more. I know this because I keep a log of books I've read since the summer of 2008, aptly titled "Books Read Since Summer 2008." Each line contains the title, author, and date finished of a given book, along with a check mark that I have no idea why I put there. Not only is my book log a prime example of my Type A personality traits, but it lets me know at what time of year I read most: the summer because of #beachreads, and the winter because of bed-reads. I realized I was falling prey to the bed-read during last week's polar vortex when I tried to cancel any engagements, social or otherwise, so I could lounge in my crazy-cozy bed in my warm-enough fifth-floor walk up apartment. I'm a homebody of the highest degree, so give me a home and I will try to never leave. Which is why I've been reading voraciously for the past couple of weeks. It takes too much effort to do anything else.

I just read what I wrote and I'd like to assert that I'm not a hermit. Granted, I did work from home yesterday and was still in my pajamas drafting this post at 9 PM, but they were a fresh pair that I put on this morning after I showered. Anyway, the overarching point I'm trying to make here, the bridge if you will, is that there's no time to read like when you're nesting for the winter, and there are plenty of books to go around. So may I suggest you take a gander at A Small Indiscretion?

It's the debut novel from auteur Jan Ellison, and if you like to fall into a book, then you'll definitely enjoy tripping into this one. It centers around Annie Black, who moves to London from LA for a winter. Twenty years later, she's living in San Francisco when she receives a photograph in her mailbox that catapults the novel's plot. It's an emotional read dealing with love, loss and everything in between. Highly suggested, so snatch it up when it comes out on January 20.

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