Saturday, March 7, 2015

Giveaway Alert! Hausfrau

Hey all you readers out there, I have a giveaway for ya!

It's for a book because reading leads to a better, more enriched life, and isn't that the purpose of blogs in the first place? It definitely is for the blogger because no matter what happens during the day, I'll always have my blog, kind of in the way that Ilsa and Rick will always have Paris....?

Moving onwards and upwards. The giveaway is for a brand spankin' new book from poetess Jill Alexander Essbaum. The novel centers on Anna, a housewife married to a Swiss husband. They live in Zurich with their three kids and apparently have a picture-perfect life. Anna gets bored -- with Bruno, the minutiae of her daily life, you know the drill. So she goes after life and seeks "new experiences," which inevitably involve sexual ones, and therein lies the story. She can't get out of the affairs and go back to life as she know it. So what does she do? That's why you read the book (enter my giveaway for a chance and if you don't win, buy it) and find out.

The book hits shelves March 17. So, like, less than a week.

To enter the giveaway: comment with your FAVE book!

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