Thursday, June 27, 2013

Taking a Cue from Hallie Parker

Mid-June never fails to make me nostalgic for the last days of school and the first days of summer--when my thighs stuck to my desk chair in a humid classroom, when I carried around a Poland Spring water bottle that I had kept in the freezer the night before (which has unofficially revealed itself to be a carcinogenic habit). When school ended at the end of June, I headed straight to Camp Stay-At-Home, the summer camp equivalent of homeschool for the socially anxious. One of the many perks of Camp Stay-At-Home was that mornings I spent my mornings on the couch, watching TV and eating popsicles for breakfast. While my peers were doing summer camp things that I knew I was missing out on (making out with boys), late bloomers of my kind were living vicariously through two Lindsay Lohans, in between episodes of The Nanny and Saved by the Bell. And so, in homage to LiLo's arguably best performance, I'm wearing loose tees and patterned bottoms, homemade friendship bracelets, and nails painted in alternating colors. In your honor, a royal flush. 

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