Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Spotted: Giovanna Battaglia

I saw Giovanna Battaglia running around the Central Park Reservoir the other day. It was 6:30 AM, I was running, she was running, and she passed me. Backgrounder: I have been stalking pictures of Giovanna since 2008, when I was a senior in high school and stumbled upon The Sartorialist, when still had '.blogspot' in its URL (I had to look up the word 'sartorialist' in the dictionary, and I remember thinking 'oh, how clever' when I read the definition). In short, she was the first street style star whose style I have repeatedly tried and failed to imitate.

She was just as glamorous as I imagined her to be, even though she was wearing running clothes, though my friend suggested she was probably in Stella McCartney or Theory. Anyway, in an homage to my first and favorite street style star, here are some of Gio's (nope, not okay that I call her that) best looks.

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