Saturday, August 31, 2013

Back to School?

This year marks the first year that I won't be going back to school at the end of the summer. Sometimes I find it exciting (I'm free!) but other times I find it undeniably depressing as I'm a lifelong learner convinced that the color of my parachute entails sitting in a library, reading about Nazis. So while I find the most depressing thing about not going back to school to be that I have no reason to go to class and take notes and write papers (read: my heaven), a close runner-up is the lack of first day of school outfit. I have been stressing about back-to-school outfits since pre-school, when my mom would make me dresses in printed fabrics of my choice. For a couple of years, I wore different cuts of a dress with prints of cut-out paper dolls. My first day of school outfit for 8th grade was definitely representative of 2004--my mom made me a madras flouncy skirt, which I paired with two popped collars from Abercrombie and a matching grosgrain ribbon in my hair. Ay.

Back-to-school outfits got considerably less exciting in college--a natural way to phase out their importance in this post-grad world. Last year, I paired white jeans with a white and red Tokyo Olympics graphics tee and red Superga sneakers. I made it to the bathroom to do my makeup before my roommates told me that I looked like an Olympics official, so I opted for a plain white tshirt instead and went to class in a wh-outfit. Eh. 

Without the first day of school, I don't have an event to which I can wear an outfit that screams, "I'm back bitches and better than ever!" So, I've put together a phantom back-to-school outfit, which benefits from being curated with an unlimited budget. Note: the striped t-shirt to be worn either around the shoulder or waist, depending on what I'm trying to pose as--a prepster or a hipster.

Vince Melange Pocket T, Saint James Meridien II Shirt, Club Monaco Marie Skirt, Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers

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