Monday, September 23, 2013

Lob Season

Lobs: the Ultimate Short Haircut My favorite date, September 21, marks the end of summer, the beginning of fall, and a nine month hiatus from humidity, or so I hope because I lobbed my hair. The lob--long bob--is a risky chop for the naturally curly, mainly because we have to commit to straightening our hair more often than not or we risk it frizzing into the shape of a yield sign (stole that one from The Princess Diaries series, Mia Thermapolis, YGG).

I last lobbed my hair off two years ago. I was watching You've Got Mail with a friend, and aside from being unbelievably enamored with Kathleen Kelly's partiality for pleated chinos and periwinkle sweater sets, we couldn't stop focusing on her haircut. Granted, her hair sways more to the 'choppy bob' side of the short hair spectrum. Nonetheless, she inspired me to chop my hair off (and take up on AOL pen pal. JK, didn't do that, but maybe I should).

After watching You've Got Mail for the umpteenth time, I searched Google for images of the original lobbers: Olivia Palermo, Sophia Coppola, Jessica Alba. I semi-collaged the pictures and brought them to the hair salon, but was too passive/uncommunicative and let the stylist give me too many layers. Lesson learned: speak up when going after a straight lob.

Once again, I found myself loosely inspired by Kathleen Kelly to cut my hair. I went to the salon, got six or so inches off, and went back to Supercuts the next day to take off another inch. Lob accomplished. I was accompanied by the same co-founding friend of the Kathleen Kelly fan club, and post-lob she enumerated the merits of a short haircut, one being the sweater-lob look. To be the subject of a forthcoming post.

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