Friday, September 20, 2013

On Canvas Bags

J.Crew Canvas Bags As I walked into the lobby of my workplace today, a supremely metrosexual man opened the door for me. I looked down at his side and noticed he was carrying a murse--that's a man purse for the uninformed. I didn't think anything of it given that my building is filled with similar image-conscious men who work at architectural firms and various agencies. But I was taken with the type of murse he had in hand. It was a canvas bag. Not a canvas tote with something ironic splattered across it, but quite literally, a bag made out of a painting canvas. It was sturdy too, and looked as if he had a taken a painting canvas and folded it up, added a top handle, and left for work.

"That takes the canvas bag to a whole new level," I envisioned the caption to read of the discrete picture that I failed to take of said man and bag.

I tried to find a similar image of the bag online, but the closest thing I found was canvas bags of various shapes and sizes from J.Crew's men's section. See below. In the meantime, I'll try to seek him out in the lobby and inquire about his bag.

Images via J.Crew

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