Saturday, September 7, 2013

#NYFW From the Nosebleeds

The blog is still going through an identity crisis--what is it, what's its theme, where's it going, who am I, all questions to ask, etc etc etc. But I'm going to take the simple approach of writing about (for lack of a better word), really random shit, and see what sticks.

Anyway, since today was Saturday (a newly initiated member of the workforce, I now live for the weekend), and it's fashion week, and I live on the Upper West Side, I decided to walk down to the tents, where I found myself in the fashion week equivalent of steerage and managed to get myself standing tickets to three shows: Jill Stuart, Son Jung Wan, and Mara Hoffman.

In other identity news, I've committed to introducing myself as a blogger to the other fshnwk plebians with whom I've chatted whilst standing in line for standby tickets. After a series of trial and error conversations, I decided that explaining that "I was just kind of here" didn't really warrant anything other than a blank stare from the eager beaver Parsons photography students with press credentials, so yes, I'm officially a blogger.

Details on the shows, clothes, and showgoers to come.

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