Sunday, September 8, 2013

Review: Jill Stuart Spring 2014

I'm no fashion veteran, and I did semi-sneak myself into the shows, but I found myself a little, if not a lot, bored at the Jill Stuart show on Saturday. The colors were bland--yes, yes I know that monochromatic is in, and I did just buy a pair of white jeans post-Labor Day, but Jill Stuart's whites made for washed out looks. Her collection was the albino cousin of Mara Hoffman's--lots of cut out pieces and embroidered dresses, but in patternless prints (is that a thing?) and less vibrant colors.

I was more fixated on the models' hair and makeup than their clothes. I walked away from the show inspired to snip my hair into the choppy lobs that a few models were sporting, wishing that my hair wasn't naturally curly so I could try out bangs. The heavy eye makeup sent me straight to Duane Reade to stock up five dolla eyeliner.

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