Sunday, September 8, 2013

Review: Mara Hoffman Spring 2014

Rainbow, tribal, neon all describe Mara Hoffman's Spring 2014 collection. Every look that came down the runway was so happy--embroidered caftans, third-eye patterned cutout dresses, psychedelic printed pants, and tie-dye bathing suits. The models wore braided hair extensions that made each one resemble either a neon-wearing rastafarian or a graphic-printed avatar. The whole collection would be the perfect wardrobe for someone living in Bermuda, but a few statement pieces would do just fine to liven up a New Yorker's wardrobe (namely, mine).

Worth mentioning that I spotted Mara's dad before the show (I overheard him telling the security guard that he was Mara's dad, no I do not stalk her), and she brought her toddler (son or daughter, I couldn't tell from the #nosebleeds) on stage at the end of the show, so it was an overall heartwarming family affair. YGG, Mara.

Now I'm going to start saving up for an eccentric maxi dress that I'll only be able to wear once.

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