Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sneakers, sneakers!

I blame the European tourists for the sneaker trend. I don't hate it, in fact, I'm so happy that tastemakers are finally deeming them acceptable shoes to wear as I've been wearing them at inappropriate times and places (at a club, on a date) since third grade. I've inadvertently accumulated a sneaker collection that my friends have to come to define as the marker of my shopping addiction, but it's been almost six months since my last kicks purchase and it's time for a fresh pair.

When it comes to sneakers, the more masculine the better, and if they're featured in the men's section of J.Crew, you've nailed it. I got my New Balance sneakers for $40 from the boys section of Zappos, and I once sat next to a 70 year old man on the crosstown bus before noticing that we were wearing the same shoes. Gold.

After New Balances, what's next? I saw a petite 5-foot tall Asian woman wearing a pair of Pumas on the street the other day, immediately making me lament outgrowing the pair I got for my 12th birthday. The perfect sneaker is one that a 10 year old boy is wearing while playing soccer somewhere in South America, which is precisely why I'm coveting the Adidas Sambas my older sister has kept in her closet since her indoor soccer days of 1997 under the assumption that they would one day become fashionable. They have in my eyes.

French people everywhere wear Bensimons, and before leaving Paris last year, my friend and I went to the flagship store to stock up on the arch-less shoes that are probably responsible for my current sole problems. But I could use a neutral colored pair. And every guy I've ever liked has worn a pair of Vans: should I let them have them, or can I too sport the unisex shoe? Golden Gooses are awesome, but I'm not sure I could ever justify on which color to spend 500 dollars. I've been stalking Margherita Missoni of late on Instagram as she waits for her baby to pop out (#waitingforotto, it's fascinating), and now I kind of want the Missoni Converses. And what about Nike Blazers? What to choose, what to wear, oh la la.

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