Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Slip-On

It's confirmed: the slip-on sneaker is back.

I had been after a pair of Vans slip-ons since I was a freshman in college, when I realized that all of the guys on whom I had crushes wore the same shoes: blue Vans. It only made sense in my mind that I buy the same sneakers that the objects of my unrequited (and unreciprocated) love wore. I did, and now, sans-boyfriend, I've amassed quite a stellar sneaker collection.

I didn't get around to buying the Vans until a few years later. I wore them for the first time last week and am still suffering from the blisters they've given me. To my pleasant surprise though, I'm seeing slip-on sneaks pop up all over street style blogs, and I noticed a pair from Rag & Bone for upwards of $200. I happily snagged mine for $45, but they don't have the leather lining that makes Rag & cool.

See below for the best of the best of slip-on sneaks on the #streetz.

Images (in order) from, Caroline's Mode, French Voguettes.

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