Friday, September 27, 2013

Oh My God, Metallic Loafers

During my study abroad orientation in Paris a couple years ago, the professor leading my group asked us to introduce ourselves with the usual name, provenance, concentration of study deal, plus a wildcard question: shoes or handbags. This may have made sense at a school for fashion design (does it? I have no idea), but I was attending a school of political science. Uh. I knew I was in the right place if we pupils got to bring accessories into the discourse on political history.

I chose handbags. I was being practical--if I had $2,000 to spend on shoes or a handbag, I would hands down (pun alert, sorry) choose a handbag--much better cost per wear and thus, economical. But now, two years later, I realize the lapse in judgement I made. There are so many varieties of shoes, so many creative paths one can go down when choosing which type to buy. I bring the shoes v. handbags question up not because I intended to write upwards of 100 words on them, but because I was thinking about a pair of shoes yesterday, and realized that a. I had a similar pair; b. the last purchase I made was of shoes; c. the last post I wrote was of shoes.

Oh my god, shoes.

But here's what I absolutely can't live without/go into October without/wear another outfit without: metallic loafers. Preferably with tassles. Like these ones from Tod's.

Evidently, these are so last season. Thoughts on where I can get an available, (much) cheaper pair? Do share.

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