Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Scotch & Soda, a Hump Day Sample Sale

Scotch & Soda, an Amsterdam-based clothing line that could easily be the love child of Isabel Marant and Abercrombie and Fitch, is having a sample sale two blocks away from my office this week. Obvi I went.

The title of this post suggests that I went to the sale today. I lied. I went on Tuesday, but as a newly minted member of the labor force (help, get me outta here!! jk) I feel obliged to try and celebrate today being Wednesday because the weekend, as if it's never come before, is only two days away. Wednesday used to be just another day of the week for me. In college, I hated it mainly because I had math homework due every Wednesday at 5 pm. (Yes, I took math in college, yes I almost failed, yes that's where all the cute guys are, no that's not why I took it.) But now, post-college, hump day represents hope and promise. It's the little things.


If my fellow shoppers were any indication of the Scotch & Soda demographic, then sign me up for the mailing list. The clientele was comprised of men who were any combination of the following: gay, European, metrosexual. The women were all tiny, chic and Asian. So far, so good.

The clothes were equally as awesome. If stripes, glitter, tie dye, jacquard, corduroy, camo, tweed, fur, studs, and sequins (read: my favorite things) were to combust in a sewing machine, the final products would be sold at Scotch & Soda. Example: I tried on a pair of navy blue tie dyed corduroys with studded pockets and a black metallic tweed mini skirt.

I ended up buying a dip dyed striped green shirt from the men's section. Bad news because it puts my striped shirt count in the double digits, good news because whereas I used to look like the Fourth of July (makes me want a hot dog real bad) when I wore my red and blue striped shirts with my red Superga sneakers, I now will look like Christmas. The perfect way to transition into the holiday season, amirite?

My general lack of subtlety leaves me with zero covert pictures of the sale, but here are gilets and similar garb from Scotch & Soda that will leave you wondering how you could ever live without Berber chic red trousers.

All items can be found HERE!

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