Monday, October 7, 2013

On Scuba

Here's the convoluted and nonlinear train of the thought that has led me to open the discourse on scuba:

First, the featured wedding in the Sunday Styles this past weekend was that of Jacques Cousteau's grandson to a model/correspondent for E! News. This is probably bad relationship karma for me, but I don't see the marriage lasting...forever. I'm sorry, I said it, I dare the relationship gods to make my love life more boring than it is now. Anyway, I spent most of my day post-Sunday Styles reading about Jacques Cousteau and subsequently found out that he invented scuba diving. I was always wondering what the big idea was around him, and voilĂ , I figured it out.

Second, I saw a picture of my sister circa 2001 wearing a full body wetsuit in front of a tide pool. This is only funny if you know my sister. Hi, Roshan.

Third, and most relevant to the purpose of this post, I came across this scuba sweatshirt after seeing the below street style shot (also note that amazing lob).

Image via afterDRK

I wonder: what does scuba material feel like? Will it keep me warm in the winter? If I were to go swimming in a scuba sweatshirt, would it double as a wetsuit?

This sweatshirt is boxy and structured, aka perfect, but the site doesn't ship outside of Europe. So, where's a gal supposed to get a scuba pullover in the continental United States? My first thought was Zara, and I searched its online catalogue for twenty minutes. When I came out of my Zara blackhole, my shopping cart was filled, but its contents did not include a scuba pullover. So I put "scuba sweatshirt" into Google and found myself on the lululemon website, but lululemon scuba kind of screams "I'm wearing work out clothes all day but have no intention of going to the gym."

So, I'm without a scuba sweatshirt. Life goes on. But in the meantime: this.

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