Friday, October 4, 2013

Thinking About Tartan

Tartan at Paris Fashion Week I've been thinking about tartan recently--among other, more substantial things. A lot of Brooks Brothers Black Fleece ads have been popping up in my daily reading outlets, often accompanied by a coupon offering $25 off a purchase of $100 or more, which would be a drop-everything-and-go-shopping deal at the Gap, but doesn't really amount to much chez Black Fleece.

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Anywhooze, I just consulted some street style shots from Paris Fashion Week, and this just in: tartan is cool. Thank the lamb, or whatever the Brooks Brothers logo is (pig? hog?). It seems like the tartan trend is a natural progression from the plaid shirts of the grunge hype, but it looks more put together and wool-y. I suspected tartan's rise since the Chanel M├ętiers d'Art show in Edinburgh last winter, and I couldn't be happier because in the deep dark days of February I'm more often than not inclined to leave my house wearing the wool blanket that's been in my family room since 1995--if I have to leave the house at all. (JK, not a hermit).

For your viewing pleasure (readers, are you there? it's me, a blogger), heeeerree's #tartan.

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