Sunday, October 6, 2013

Burgundy is the New Black, Said No One

It's Sunday morning, it's October, and it's finally dawning on me that such is life. Vague nonsense sounding observation, but point being that for the first October, like ever, I don't have any papers or problem sets to do over the weekend. I'm sorry, I'm still acclimating myself to the life of a post-undergrad. An exciting addition to my new non-student routine is HBO Go, motha effas. It was very out of character for my family to buy HBO given that we didn't get the Disney channel until I was a senior in high school, and that my current TV repertoire is filled with Masterpiece murder mysteries on PBS.

SO! I've decided to spend my semi/not at all-monumental first Sunday morning in October watching Argo on HBO. When I first saw Argo a couple of months ago, I happened upon a few serious life decisions: I realized that my career ambitions entailed being both in the CIA and a movie producer (damn you, Ben Affleck, you have it all), and that I needed to dress in 1970s attire in a nonironic way.

Argo 1970s is a little conservative and utilitarian--a corduroy situation, if you will. As such, a pair of corduroy pants and a sweater vest in burgundy, rust, brown, or in any other hue that resembles a bowel movement are incremental to the outfit. Add in a button-down shirt underneath the vest and a shearling jacket over it, plus a pair of glasses and a foulard around the neck, and you're a regular fugitive. (too far?). Oops, forgot about shoes: brown booties will do, but if you really want to be authentic, the Frye Campus Boots are the way to go.

(v. bad photo resolution - #workingonit)

Uniqlo button down
Citizens of Humanity corduroy pants
Brooks Brothers sweater vest
Acne jacket
Warby Parker glasses
Fendi neck scarf 
Acne booties

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