Thursday, November 21, 2013


Okay peeps.

My blogue was chosen to be included in the Independent Fashion Bloggers (it's a thing, IFB of the world, #unite) Thursday blog round up. It's all very exciting and I hardly know how to celebrate, but whatever festivities I may have planned will be overshadowed by my #bday tomorrow. Part of the deal is that I have to post links to the 19 other blogs that were selected because crazy traffic-inducing things happen on the back-end when you link to other sites.

Serious disclaimer: I was not involved in curatorial duties for this shiz, so I do not know what those links lead to.

Oh, obvi gotta mention that my #WINNING POST was on JFK being a style icon.


Truly Gifted

It's somehow sad that Thanksgiving always gets the shaft for the holidays. Not as much fun as Halloween, not as much religious/global/ gifting/commercial opportunity as Christmas/Hanukkah/etc... But alas, we're all caught up in the holidays in the blogosphere. Between the gifts, the celebrations, the reflection of the year that's about to end, there's so much ground to cover! This week, we have a delightful round of holiday inspired posts to get you thinking about the rest of the year. Believe it or not... we don't have that much time left.

Links à la Mode: November 21

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