Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Inside Llewyn Davis

This blog was initially conceived as a merger between my two interests in fashion and movies, but I feel that I unfairly abandoned the movie aspect long ago. I didn't even write posts commemorating Brad Pitt's 50th birthday or You've Got Mail's 15th anniversary last week, WHO AM I? (Answer: here). As Oscar movies are coming out left and right though, it's time to get crackin' on the reviews.

I woke up Sunday morning on the hungover side of things, and while I intended to go buy Christmas sweaters for various family members, the only place I could find myself at peace from tourists and fellow holiday shoppers was in a movie theater. I opted for Inside Llewyn Davis--I had wanted to see it since I streamed the soundtrack on NPR's website a few months ago, and my unwavering devotion to Justin Timberlake leaves me obligated to see all (most) of his movies.

Anywhooze, it was ah-mah-zing! And I don't even like folk music! JK, I do now. Oscar Isaac should win an Oscar, if only because of all the bad jokes and word plays that will abound post-win (especially on this blog). Carey Mulligan and JT rocked, as did Garrett Hedlund (remember Country Strong? Neither do a lot of people) and John Goodman.

I spent a good portion of the movie fixated on one of Carey Mulligan's vneck sweaters. It's the loose-fitted, boyfriend vneck sweater of my dreams, which makes sense because Justin Timberlake plays her boyfriend (maybe husband?) in the movie. It's in a musky blue tone, a color that shares a spot with burnt orange and burgundy as colors that only look good when worn by actors in 60s era movies. The top half of the sweater is shown below, but can't you tell from the structure of the V how great the rest of it is?

I'd report more on the movie, but I'm not a tough critic and I just got a seltzer maker for Christmas that needs my care/attention. Appliances, the millennial Christmas gift, AMIRITE? Nope.

Two comment-worthy questions for you people to answer: Did you see the movie? Did you get anything good for the holidayze?

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