Thursday, December 26, 2013

Quilted Bomber Jackets, Who Knew?!

I saw a few quilted bomber jackets while racking through offensively color schemed striped shirts at The Gap the other day, and I DIG THEM.

First, a word on The Gap. I don't love the Gap, but it's such an effing (my computer just tried to autocorrect effing to offing like, 10 times--ain't gon' happen) institution that I can't help but instinctively go in and buy striped tops and jeans when I pass a Gap store. I used to stroll through The Gap at the Sangertown Square Mall (a leading competitor for the number one spot on the "Most Depressing Malls in America" list) when I was stressed out in college. I also used to impulsively buy capris at Gap Kids when I was in fifth grade. I have a lot of Gap-related stories up my sleeve, but I'll save them for when I'm the star of a future Gap campaign (#backtoblue, bitchez).

Anyway, they def got it right with the quilted bomber jackets. The jackets come in navy, light blue, and off white, and in a floral pattern whose practicality I'm not sure I can justify. They remind me of a few quilted outerwear pieces from Timo Weiland, both of which are men's (as all good items of clothing are).

Quilted tops, be they from The Gap or from a contemporary designer, are amazingly versatile. They can be worn under thicker coats in the winter, or over a sweater in the warmer months. Burberry quilted jackets are a little too "I'm an aspiring squash mom"/"154 days until The Hunt" on this side of the Atlantic, but I #respect the people who wear them because they will have them for forever, and I love when clothing becomes sentimental.

Anywhooze, the Timo Weiland vest below is on sale!! Buy it and let me know if you do so I can "borrow" it accordingly.

Top two jackets are from The Gap; bottom two are from Timo Weiland, Church's chukkas (ugh, I love chukkas), 3.1 Phillip Lim track pants

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