Friday, December 20, 2013

Red Lipstick

I meant to write about my foray into red lipstick a while ago, and I even started drafting a blog post about it, but more important things, like *NSYNC music videos, came to my attention. I decided when I turned the ripe age of 23 last month that I would start wearing red lipstick. Late to the party, I know, but the only time I've worn lipstick in my life before deciding to go rouge was when I dressed as Whitney Houston for Halloween and made a conscious effort to look like a prostitute in a non-slutty way, if that makes sense.

Red lipstick has a lot of merits, the most important being its low maintenance quality. Opting for red lipstick often means limiting layers of eye makeup and bronzer to pull together a look. It saves time and leads to a more natural complexion--a total win-win, no?

I was feeling impulsive, rushed, and broke when I decided to enter the lipstick jungle (haha?), which is why I stopped at "Broadway Discount World" on my way to a friend's house one Friday night. I don't usually buy a beauty product before doing heavy research, but I really couldn't imagine my night ending without a red tint on my lips, so I stood in the beauty aisle and chose a lipstick shade based on name alone. I decided on "Cranberry Crush," which didn't end up being as matte or as red as I had hoped, but it was a good start. Also worth mentioning that I didn't realize that lipliner is to lipstick like socks are to shoes (I'm really bad at analogies), so I had to go back to BDW the next day and find a matching lipliner.

I'm sticking with Cranberry Crush until the day after Christmas, when I will hopefully have a Sephora gift card in my pocket to fund a tube of YSL Rouge.

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