Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Snow Boots, blegh.

Ugh, snow boots.

I have a lot of mixed feelings towards snow. It's pretty on the trees outside of my apartment, it's gross in slush form on the side of the street, it's annoying when it gets in my shoes. I could write a haiku on snow, but I'd rather air my thoughts on snow boots.

I hate them.

They make my feet look fat. I hate myself for writing a sentence like that, but they do. My default snow boots are Bean Boots, which seem to look good on everyone except on me. They ruin whatever outfit I wear them with, so I'm guaranteed to have a bad day with Bean Boots on my feet. That's probably why I hated second semester of freshman year of college so much.

I tried to substitute New Balance sneakers for Bean Boots last year. My feet still looked extra masculine and they were always a little damp once I got from point A to point B, but a French person once told me that "I was so French" for wearing sneakers instead of snow boots, so I kept wearing them. In fact, they're on my feet right now.

I've been considering a Doc Martens Chelsea boot as an alternative to New Balances and Bean Boots. Their patented leather material means they're waterproof, and their Chelsea style means they aren't too punky.

But then again, I could always go rogue and buy a pair of Sorels.


(Sorry guys, but you have to bear the brunt of my autodidactic Photoshop skills. One of those Bean Boots totally got cut in half. #trying.)

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