Monday, December 9, 2013

The #Hipsters Are Coming

I've been thinking a lot about hipsters lately because I've been to Brooklyn more times in the past month than ever before in my life, excluding the summer that I commuted to Bed-Stuy every day for a part-time unpaid internship (read: volunteer work). I've decided that the original suburb is a nice place to visit but not to stay--at least until I have a few kids and the money/creative energy to buy a brownstone of my own. Until then, I'm only staying as late as I can take the L train home.

My usual subway etiquette is to avoid staring at other riders due to the overabundance of crazies that inhabit the underground transit system, but I couldn't help but gape at my fellow commuters on the L the other night.

"Observe the hipsters in their natural habitat," I whispered to myself as Wrecking Ball blasted in my headphones.

There were enough beards within a 6-inch radius of my face to make me fear a lice outbreak if it weren't for the solid colored beanies covering everyone's head. My invasive tendency to peer into people's lenses on public transportation to see just how optically necessary their tortoise shell frames are was put to good use too, and just as I suspected, not as many people need glasses as it may seem. The best part of the whole commute was the beanied girl standing by the ticket machines reading Slaughterhouse-Five, a sight to which I thought: "#really? It's 10 pm on a Friday."

According to Tumblr's Year in Review, 2013 is the year of #hipster. As much as I ridicule their sartorial, literary and musical choices, I can't help but feel that we all have a little hipster in us. I have two pairs of thick rimmed glasses and I sometimes wear plaid shirts around my waist for the sole reason of it looking cool. My mom wears desert boots, my sister drinks from a (monogrammed) mason jar, and my grandpa wears plaid shirts with his semi-maintained beard.

My friends and I have spent many a conversation debating the hipster prototype, but the only thing we can agree on is their general fondness for owls. So, what makes a hipster a hipster?

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P.S. How hip are these clothes?

Olympia Le-Tan clutchMother High Waisted Looker jeanRag & Bone jean jacketFelt-Trimmed ChukkaWallace & Barnes Buffalo Check CPO Jacket, red beanie, Warby Parker Duckworth glasses, Great Gatsby graphic t

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