Tuesday, December 3, 2013

OMG, Monogrammed Clutches

If there's one piece of diction that's been a main-stay in my vocabulary since before I proactively began learning new words (shout out to Hot Words for the SAT), it's OMG. No need to point out that it's actually an acronym, you get the gist.

For a brief period in 5th grade, I used OMG so often that it only made sense to change my AOL screen name from sunnyelly to Omg265, whose numerical latter half has no connection to me whatsoever and was automatically generated by AOL. It wasn't long before I ditched Omg265 and settled on the generic nickname-random number combination that has since become my online identity: ellie2635.

Screen names aside, I haven't been able to kick the OMG habit. I insert OMG into sentences where Valley girls use "like" and most of my thoughts start and end with OMG. I have to censor myself when speaking so I don't sound overly excited at every minute life detail.

So it only made sense that when I saw the below picture in a J.Crew Facebook post this morning, my first thoughts were "OMG I need it." I didn't realize the post was an advertisement for monogrammed bags until I went to J.Crew's website and hopelessly searched for said clutch. On a related note, my lack of middle name makes monogrammed items an awkward option for me, so I might just have to buy myself an OMG clutch.

PS: Isn't it so obnoxious to see OMG written so many times?

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