Monday, January 27, 2014

Grammy Hair/Headwear

You guys, we need to talk about two urgent Grammy-related things: Beyoncé's hair and Pharrell's hat.

Beyoncé's hair had all of the ingredients of a perfect lob: it's blunt, naturally curly, and ombre. I think it might replace Meg Ryan's hair in You've Got Mail as the model lob. It kind of has the yield sign thing going on that Mia Thermapolis lamented in her own pre-make over hair in The Princess Diaries, but since it's on Beyoncé's head, it works. It might not for the rest of us. I'm going to try anyway.

Pharrell, meanwhile, showed a whole new side of the chapeau trend. He had two chapeau changes last night, but the one he wore while presenting/accepting awards is worth discussing. I seriously wonder if he apparated into Dumbledore's office and took the Sorting Hat off the wall before coming to the Grammy's. It's hard to tell if the chapeau or the leather Adidas bomber was the focal point for the rest of his outfit, but it doesn't really matter because Pharrell could wear a paper bag and I would a) still worship the ground the he walks on and b) think it looked awesome.

Update: more Grammy thoughts here.

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