Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Jacket Plus Belt

While clicking through the street style looks that infiltrated my Twitter feed and every blog ever last week, I came across a new look that I can't wait to think about trying: the jacket plus belt. Not to be confused with the belted jacket, the jacket plus belt denotes a jacket worn with, well, a belt. The belted jacket implies that the belt came with the jacket, while the jacket plus belt suggests that the belt was added to the look as an afterthought. I've now typed out the words jacket and belt enough times to make me question the spelling of both words. Done.

I've seen it before on Emmanuelle Alt, and sure enough, she wore it again at last week's couture shows. The jacket plus belt look goes with the "my outfit rocks and I didn't even try" attitude that the French nail so well. Unsurprisingly, it was also seen in the Isabel Marant Spring 2014 collection. While Isabel Marant paired a belt with a fitted jacket, I think it looks best with a baggy jacket, à la Alt.

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