Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mom Jeans

Attention, attention: Mom jeans are coming back.

The high-wasted, straight-leg, faded and sometimes ripped look that constitutes the much-parodied mom jean is back. Jean Stories recently shot Doutzen Kroes in a pair of "a real mom's jeans," so-called because they belonged to the stylist of the shoot's mom. I've been seeing mom jeans on the racks lately, but it didn't resonate with me until after I tried on a pair of jeans whose strange cut made me question if I was in too-small boyfriend jeans or too-large skinny jeans that the 90s cut might be back. Turns out they were mom jeans that just didn't fit right.

(Sidenote: When I was in ninth grade, I had a crush on a boy whose girlfriend (spoiler alert: she wasn't me) wore mom jeans in a non-ironic way. My whole world went dark when I realized that the L of my L preferred a girl who wore mom jeans with Asics to, well, one who believed that Asics should only be worn when on a run. The boy's girlfriend clearly had more important things to do than belabor over her weekday outfits because she went on to the type of Ivy League school that prefers applicants whose extracurricular activities include fencing, not cutting cross country practice.)

Let's talk about how to wear mom jeans. Since the high waist is an integral part of the style, the pants should be paired with a top that accentuates it, like a tucked-in T shirt or a cropped sweater. A belt would bring more attention to the waist, and since we're channeling the 1990s, a thick brown belt will do. As for shoes, maybe a pair of heavy-soled oxfords or better yet, a Penny loafer? We could honestly get this whole look from the Gap circa 1995 for under $100.

MiH Halsey Jeans, Rachel Comey white top, Acne cropped sweater, ASOS Jacquard jacket, Bass penny loafers, Dr. Marten's Irene shoes , Rag & Bone belt

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