Monday, January 20, 2014

The Mid-Winter Coat

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[Disclaimer: below post is extra materialistic. Don't say I didn't warn you.]

The internal dialogue of a shopaholic often goes something like this: "I really need a [insert item of clothing]. Once I get [said item of clothing], I won't buy anything else for another month." But then, after said item of clothing is bought, another comes over the horizon and the whole if-you-give-a-mouse-a-cookie thought process starts up again. It's a vicious cycle of which I'm very much a victim.

I thought I had cured myself of my winter coat conundrum in December. I had a solid three coats in rotation--a black duffle coat, a green fur-lined parka, and a heavy duty arctic parka. While combing through the sale section at Anthropologie last week though, it dawned on me just how vital our coats are to our personas in brutally long New York City winters. Our coat goes everywhere with us--it's our awkward companion when we're at a crowded bar, it sits with us at movies and restaurants, and it touches up against the microbe-infested seats and handrails of mass transit. We get a lotta bang for our buck when it comes to winter coats in New York City, which is why I need a new one.

I thiiinnkk it was in the Look for Less that Stacy and Clinton divided outfits into three categories, one of which was called The Wildcard. I'm taking a similar approach to my mid-winter coat appraisal. Mid-winter is the perfect time to take advantage of various sales and buy the wildcard coat--faux fur, plaid, a cape, whatever--that you first started pining for in October. Chances are that it's anywhere from twenty to seventy percent off now, and with one half of the season behind us, you can wear it into March and it will still be new-ish come next fall.

I did some heavy duty mid-winter coat research yesterday; the results are below.

Scotch & Soda faux fur coat, Band of Outsiders camel coat, Jonathan Simkhai color block wool coat, Sea check mohair wool coat, APC faux fur toggle coat, Rag & Bone Harlow coat

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