Monday, January 6, 2014


One of the concepts I can't quite grasp in #fashion is that of pre-fall and its more pretentious cousin, resort/cruise (pre-spring). The timing of fashion seasons is somewhat counterintuitive--the two main seasons are fall and spring, which show in February and September, respectively. Resort collections are traditionally targeted at wealthy consumers who need warm-weather clothes for their tropical vacations, while pre-fall collections are targeted at equally wealthy consumers (but aren't all collections?) who just, well, want to buy more clothes. Seriously--interseasonal collections just reduce the wait for new clothes. The timeline for pre-fall isn't as well defined as the regular fall season, but between November and January of each year, designers unveil their pre-fall collections.

A recent blast into my Twitter feed from the handle @TrendCouncil revealed the saturation of pre-fall collections that have come out over the past couple of weeks. As such, I spent a considerate amount of time on today and chose some of the best (my blog, my opinion) pre-fall looks. When can we buy these gems? And by buy, I mean snag them for 90% off at Barney's online sale? (Have you guys seen those ads, or am I a victim of targeted advertising?)

All photos in the slideshow are from Click on each photo to see its accompanying collection on

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