Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Purple Lipstick

Blame it on Lorde, but I think we're in the midst of a lipstick shift from red carpet red to full on purple. Though the shift is happening full force in my head, lipstick aficionados are meeting in the middle with a berry trend. I, too, am still stuck somewhere between plum and red thanks to the cheapo lipstick I bought on an impulse at Broadway Discount World a couple of months ago.

Elle posted a berry lipstick themed slideshow earlier today, which led to me scouring Style.com archives and Google image to find an example of the perfectly hued purple. The Fendi Fall 2013 RTW showcased some good purple lipstick (below), but it still isn't purple enough for my imagination. I like Lily Collins' look below, but is that something that those of us who aren't Phil Collins' offspring and one-time Nickelodeon slime time host can pull off?

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