Friday, January 31, 2014

Bright Lights, Big City: Boston

I'm about to embark on a weekend trip to the tri-state area of Boston (topic worth discussing: is Boston part of a tri-state area/does the convergence of any three states denote a tri-state area/am I New York-centric if I've only ever believed there to be one tri-state area, that which I grew up in?).

My journey begins and ends with Megabus, requires a commuter train ride from Providence to Boston, and will inevitably include a couple of stops in the wrong direction on the T. Point being that I'll be moving around a lot, so I need to bring as few items as possible, and carry them in the least offensive bag I can find (read: not my North Face backpack).

What to pack, what to wear? Since I'll be New England, I can wear all of the Patagonia garb I spent my undergrad years collecting. I've also recently acquired by way of buying a pair of white leather high tops, which one Bostonian friend remarked were about as impractical as a poetry degree. Black jeans and a striped shirt are a low maintence base, and a pullover and leather pants can be swapped in or out to dress things up or down. Also, a beanie. Duh.

I'm planning on bringing my computer with me, which defeats the entire purpose of packing light. Tant pis, ya know?

ACK Surf beanie, Converse high tops, Saint James shirt, Patagonia pullover, Sara Berman leather pants, Rag & Bone black jeans

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