Saturday, February 15, 2014

In a World...

A few things just happened.

First of all, I'm babysitting. I love babysitting, although I recently found out that what I actually do is called 'babyguarding' because I don't actually see the babies, I just sit on an Upper West Side couch while the babies are sleeping. My mom came over about an hour ago and delivered me some frozen yogurt, and we had a lawwf because she has the same blue Patagonia puffy jacket as one of the babies. His is smaller, obvi. Also shout out to my mom for creating the perfectly blended cup of frozen yogurt, I couldn't have asked for a better balance of cookie dough chunks and almond mocha delight swirl.

Then I watched In a World, starring one of my ultimate girl crushes, Lake Bell. I'm the target demographic for In a World so it's a good thing that I effing loved it. One of my friends told me there would be a scene that would make me swoon and run around the room squealing. It did. "Do you have any more of those sleeping pills?" Whatta line!! (That is the scene you were talking about, right JB?)

Then I looked at Los Angeles apartments and jobs on Craigslist. Whenever I watch a romantic comedy set in Los Angeles, I immediately want to move there. Los Angeles is my dream city, and I did have a grand plan to move there at the beginning of February, aka this month, aka 15 days ago, but things happened, like I spent a good portion of my "fuck you money" as my dad refers to a chunk of savings on an upcoming trip to Paris. More on that later.

I can't really tell if this blog post is coherent or not but I've kind of run out of things to do and there isn't any good food to snack/binge on and there may/may not be a blizzard outside so I'm blogging. I do have a hefty Vanity Fair I could read. I'd go back and watch In a World again but my mom just texted me asking if she could stream it now, so nvm.

Oh, a text message!

It's Alyssa. She just landed in...LA. Nooooo. She says, "no snow, amirite." Yah rub it in. She also says that her day can't be ruined because she's in the city of angels. Hard no. New York blows right now.

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