Monday, March 3, 2014

Adidas, or Not

I began seeing Stan Smiths in street style pictures during New York fashion week but didn't realize how viral the trend had become until I set foot in the city manifestation of my soul mate last week (that's Paris, captain obvious). Everyone (though not anyone I personally know) has them--three of the bitchy chic buyers on my flight were wearing them, as was the manager of my favorite boutique by the Sèvres-Babylone metro stop (I'll never know the name of the store because its name is displayed in illegible neon pink font).

I've been doing some thinking on the Stan Smiths: I like them but not enough to buy a pair. I have a pair of white leather sneakers already, and a little part of me squeaks every time I look down and notice they're not as bright and clean as they were five minutes earlier. Now that I think about it, the appeal in the Stan Smiths lies in their tennis shoe shape, not their bright white color, though that does help. When it comes to an Adidas sneaker, I'm partial to a darker version in suede that proudly displays the logo. 

There are a lot of sneakers in current spring collections and upcoming fall collections that seem to have taken their shape inspiration from an Adidas original—or just a regular old tennis shoe. Based on my shoe observations whilst in Paris, I'd say that we're about to experience a resurgence in the flat tennis/soccer/skateboard shoe arena, even though one in three French women still wear wedge sneakers.

Below are some of the sneaks that have been on my mind. I have a particular inkling for the Twins for Peace shoes--two girls in the airport were wearing them in a beaded version, and I walked past the brand's store in the Marais by chance. Of all the shoe varieties, the most economical option would be to go to Foot Locker and buy a pair of Adidas or Pumas. I did, and I can't wait to wear them with my #trackpants.

PS. I'm back chez moi and slightly depressed because I'm not in hashtag Paris anymore, but that's okay because there are things in New York that I missed, like my bed, my mom, and almond milk.

Clockwise from top left: Sandro shirt, Veja shoes, Adidas SuperstarsSaint Laurent low-topsTwins for Peace low-tops, Puma ClassicsGolden Goose sneakers, Vanessa Bruno trousers.

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