Friday, February 28, 2014

Parisian Street Style

There's something about Parisians that make them inherently style-conscious. Whatever it is, it rubs off on all of us non-Parisians when we're here. The sweaters I once deemed to ratty and the white shirts too stained are all of a sudden at the top of my to-wear list. Paris fashion week is less of a circus (I love stealing that from Suzy Menkes) than is New York, which ironically means it's much more enjoyable to people watch and style stalk the fashionmongers (argh, is that the right use of that word?). I'd rather gawk at people whose style is worth emulating than those who are dressed for the sake of being photographed, ya know?

Yeah, yeah, Parisians wear black, but I've been seeing a lot of black, navy blue, and grey mixed together. This looks especially sophisticated when the navy blue item in question is a cocoon or trench coat. Lots of trousers and slacks as well, which look casual with a graphic tee or a plaid button down. I can't stop feasting my eyes on people's shoes--which tend to be either flat or wedged sneakers, heeled booties, or oxfords. Worth noting everyone and their mother is wearing white Nike Air Maxs.

Below, some street style shots of the fshn elite dressing v. Parisian.

First three photos from Harper's Bazaar, last three courtesy of moi. 

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