Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Two Things: True Detective + SHOES

My most recent weeklong absence from the blogosphere can be entirely attributed to my falling victim to True Detective. I'm on the third episode and I've been trying to binge watch it, but between you and me, I'm really bad at binge watching anything. It takes me two hours to watch a 60-minute long episode because: a) I have to rewatch the scenes where Matthew McConaughey's Texan drawl is too thick to understand the first time around, b) I keep a tab open of Vulture's episode recaps because I'm never entirely sure of what's going on in the show, and c) I have a shoe-centric form of ADHD in which every 20 minutes I get the urge to look at shoes online.

This last reason has afflicted me in a multitude of situations since I first discovered the plethora of shoes available at the click of one's mouse. My go-to destinations are Barneys Warehouse, Farfetch, Avenue 32, Matches, Shopbop, and Gimme Shoes--but any site that allows me to imagine my next iteration of unaffordable footwear will do.

I tried to simultaneously watch True Detective and look at shoes the other day, but listening to Woody Harrelson put on a Louisiana accent (unless that's how he really speaks) while contemplating how a white shirtdress would look with combat boots wasn't a pleasant experience.

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