Thursday, March 20, 2014

Celebrity Stalking: Diane Kruger

I feel like this blog has strayed from one of its many roots of seeking outfit inspiration from celebrity culture. This was completely unintentional because there's not much I love more in life than celebrities, and I pride myself in being able to spot them in their natural habitats, aka on the street. I'm status agnostic, meaning that I still get excited every time I see the guy who played Manuelo in So Little Time walking around my neighborhood (thrice and counting). (Observation: if you have to describe a celebrity as "the guy who played so and so," he isn't very noteworthy.)

On that note, I also saw the guy who played Debra Messing's husband on the first season of Smash recently. He was armed with luggage on the C-train, so I seriously wonder if he was headed for the JFK Airtrain, and if so, his acting career might be drying up. Speaking of Smash, I also saw the guy who played Ellis at a movie theater Chelsea, which means I've seen two minor characters from a minor, much-forgotton TV show. Killin' it. Teehee.

I saw Meryl Streep in Central Park and I actively stalked the Jonas Brothers two summers in a row so I might've peaked as far as celebrity spottings go, but then again maybe not because I've yet to see Beyonce.

One of my mediocre sightings includes Diane Kruger on Madison Ave. It was 6 pm on a Sunday, and I was actively running away from someone who I didn't want to see when I was in the sweaty, sunburnt (JK I don't burn) state that one falls into after a two-hour post-beach train ride on MetroNorth. I mention Diane Kruger because she also happens to be one of my #styleicons/girl crushes. She's blonde and petite in real life, so I can't really pull off anything she wears, but I can admire from afar. And she's dating Joshua Jackson, better known as Pacey Witter, so there's that.

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