Tuesday, April 1, 2014

One More Thing

One more thing. (I've had a Word document open on my computer for the past couple of weeks titled 'One More Thing' that I started after reading BJ Novak's book, and every time I've had a thought, I've been writing it down in my Word document. It includes a 400 word paragraph on the worst types of people to stand in line behind at a frozen yogurt store. Other notes include: "My dad just asked if Dara is a man's name or a woman's name." The last note, dated yesterday, says "I think I'm having a Joan Didion moment." I'm not sure what I meant by that but in any case, I've decided to put some of the notes that would have otherwise gone in my Word document on da blogue below.) Incongruent thoughts in one, two, three!!!!!!

This blog is now taking a food turn. I'm not much of a foodie in that much of my diet consists of gum, diet soda, and frozen yogurt. I feel like I should follow that sentence with the quick disclosure that I'm also not anorexic--I just like to consume things (food, clothes, diet soda, material goods in general), and diet soda and gum are easy things to constantly keep ingesting with little consequence. Although both temporarily bloat you. And it turns out, not so temporarily if you consume too much in too short a time. Ask my sister about the time she picked me up from the airport in San Francisco and I had to look up ways to deflate myself.

The cafeteria at my place of employment has lots of free diet soda, no free gum (to my knowledge) but free frozen yogurt so there's that. It resembles Whole Foods minus the loiterers with debatable living arrangements who come to use the bathroom and and sample the hot food bar. The lunch scene is somewhat similar to that of my college dining hall except the eggs definitely don't come from milk carton shaped boxes, and I don't feel comfortable hunting down the lady in charge of refilling the chocolate chips. Also I probably won't put in a request for after-dinner peppermints like I did in college. And I wouldn't feel comfortable eating the ceviche I had for lunch today in Central New York...which brings me to my next point: CEVICHE!

I added a ceviche situation to my salad bowl at lunch today, and oh my god (oh my god) you guys, I LOVE IT! I'm having it every day. I actually decided while sipping my post-lunch diet soda that I'm going to become a pescatarian because a. I love fish and ceviche; b. I like the word pescatarian; c. I'm trying to follow the Perricone prescription, which is a do-able diet until everything you touch starts to smell like salmon.

Hmmm, what else would I write if this post were 'One More Thing'? I haven't thought much about clothes lately. That's a lie. I was going to go buy a spring coat after work today but I got dinner with a friend instead, and in the end, socializing is better than buying clothes. But I do need an April coat. Il faut. 

Bringing my last thought back to my first one: Joan Didion. She's changing my life one sad sentence at a time. Apparently there's a wealth of Joan Didion books on my building's communal bookshelf so gonna go check that out now.

Au revoir you ppl.

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