Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bring 'Em Back, Bring 'Em Back: Denim Skirts

Though spring has yet to sit itself down in our concrete jungle, I know warm weather is on its way  because my neighborhood Yogurtland recently changed its hours to stay open until 11 PM. Other than Yogurtland's new nighttime schedule, the silver lining in #waiting4spring is that the longer it takes for warm weather to arrive in New York, the more refined my spring wardrobe wishlist becomes. For as long as I've had a laptop and could afford clothes, I've kept a sticky note on my desktop to which I routinely add and remove items (shoes, bags, clothes, skincare, perfume, makeup) that pop into my head as potential new members of my closet and bathroom cabinet. It's a process that only a dignified shopaholic would maintain, and it's helped me curb my shopping impulses. Every so often I look back at my sticky note list and take off items whose appeal has worn off, and I never buy things that aren't on my list.

I've been waffling over overalls for the past month--they'd be fun to wear a few times, but since I don't want to spend more than $10 dollars on them, the non-Citizens of Humanity pair will be hard to find. A denim skirt, however, has been a mainstay on my list. Denim skirts have been unfairly kicked to the curb in recent years. I blame Abercrombie. Abercrombie threatened to ruin denim skirts like that bitchy girl in middle school ruined the name you planned to name your first-born daughter. They made them too short, too frayed, too faded. And I'm not going to let Abercrombie do to denim skirts what that one girl did to the name Charlotte.

Denim skirts, like shorts and jeans of the same materials, can be worn with anything. Right now, tea leaves are forming a pattern of me wearing a denim skirt with my Adidas sneakers and a grey shirt during the day and with a go-to Zara black top and black booties at night. ASOS has some affordable denim skirts which I intend to make my own in 5…4….3….2…. WHERE'S MY DEBIT CARD?

On second thought, I might just make one myself.

Inspiration below.

Jonathan Simkhai Resort 2014 image via, Balmain Spring 2014 RTW via
Jay Ahr Fall 2014 via

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