Monday, August 18, 2014

Non-Dr. Marten Combat Boots

I've historically been turned off by combat boots, especially of the Dr. Marten's variety, but the Maje and Sandro renditions of them have made me wonder why I haven't considered them before. Actually, my blog archive reminds me that I did consider them during the latter half of 2013, although it's worth pointing out that anytime after May 2013 was a dark time for me because I was still getting over the breakup that was college graduation and the end of life as I knew and loved it. Fear not, I love life again but it took some time and lapses in judgement, which my brief inclination towards a pair of Dr. Marten's circa fall 2013 suggests.

I also know that I considered them sometime in 2001 when the chef d'oeuvre/magnum opus of The Princess Diaries opened in theaters. Princess Mia pre-Paulo "you broke my glasses, you broke my brush" makeover sports combat boots in her "as usual, this is as good as it's going to get" way. (See how I weaved Princess Diaries quotes into that sentence to show my encyclopedic knowledge of the movie?)

Thirteen years after The Princess Diaries came out and almost a year after dark hole fall 2013, I made the jump and bought combat boots. It went something like this: it was Friday afternoon and I was scanning for a list of sample sales to ring in the weekend. I settled on the Scoop clear out sale for its proximity to my office, and as soon as the digits on my analog computer clock turned to 5:30, I headed down the cobblestoned-blocks of the Meatpacking District to the store. I knew I shouldn't have gone in the name of saving money, but it was a. Friday afternoon b. summer c. my life, my decision.

In their buckled up glory: Rag & Bone Hudson boot
I was leafing through the Splendid tshirts and patterned tops I normally associate with Scoop when I saw a pair of combat boots not too different from a Sandro pair I had window-licked earlier that week (isn't that the French translation of window shopping?). They weren't Sandro, they were Rag & Bone and they fit like a goddess but a couple of taps into my calculator proved what I already knew: I couldn't really afford them. I put them back in the box and idly wandered through the store only to find myself right in front them again. Just like Audrina kept finding herself on the back of Justin Bobby's motorcycle, I couldn't tear myself away from them. So I bought them. It felt so wrong, it felt so right, and now I have combat-esque boots. I win. 

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