Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Word on Isabel Marant

One of the sources of my daily outfit inspiration, whose style I attempt to channel on the regular, is her holiness Isabel Marant. I'm a fan not just of the navajo-paisley-hip-urban-bohemian COOL clothes, but the designer's own personal style, which sounds like a silly thing to say given the blatantly obvious fact that the designer is usually outfitted in clothes of her own design. It's more than the clothes with which she chooses to put on each day, it's her overall lewk and the attitude she conveys. That which is Isabel Marant is French and that which is French is Isabel Marant, so sign me up, I say! The minimal makeup and flawless though slightly ashy complexion, messy untouched hair, uniform of skinny jeans with a sweatshirt and sneakers/flats/heels. She makes it okay to wear graphic tops with words and sayings you don't really understand, the same printed jeans more than once a week, mismatching prints, geisha buns outside of your home, knee-high white fringe boots to a locale other than a 70s-themed party, short flouncy skirts past puberty, leather pants with bulky sweaters.

THIS is what I'm talking about:

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