Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Best Movies I've Seen Alone

I really like seeing movies by myself because I like movies and I like being by myself. It's second to shopping by myself which is a near euphoric experience for me, especially when I'm wearing headphones that are playing Taylor Swift. Here are the best movies I've seen by myself.

1. The Descendants: I saw this movie about two hours after I broke my elbow while running in a park in Paris during my junior year abroad there. It was during my exchange program's spring break and I had stayed in Paris to run a half-marathon, but the day before, I tripped. I wasn't sure what to do about it so I tied my elbow in a scarf and went to see the Descendants to pass the time. Then I went home and cried and watched Sex and the City, and the next day I couldn't move my arm so I got a bag of pain au chocolates and went to a medical clinic and cried there until a hot doctor told me I broke my "coude." I'll always love George Clooney in a Hawaiian shirt for making me feel less depressed for two hours.

2. Inside Llewyn Davis: I saw this movie the year that I lived at home after college. I woke up on a Sunday morning hungover and I needed to get away from my parents/my existence, and I couldn't think of anywhere to go but a movie theater. Justin Timberlake is a little ray of sunshine but Carey Mulligan kind of bothers me because she's like the actor equivalent of that girl who never talks badly about anyone. Like, show us a little judgment/weakness, we're tired of that halfsies pixie cut.

3. The Big Short: I saw this the other day when it was raining and I went to stand inside the Regal Union Square movie theater to wait it out, but it didn't stop and I had nowhere to be so I got a $7 Diet Coke and a $15 movie ticket and took over three seats with my stuff. I kept on zoning out because I hadn't mentally prepared myself to see a movie about derivatives or whatever but it was really well-cast, and every time I see Christian Bale in a big shot role I imagine him confessing his love to Winona Ryder in Little Women and/or singing about Santa Fe in Newsies and I feel so proud.

That's all for now.

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