Thursday, December 17, 2015


Welp, remembered that I have a blog called The Channeling Board, which makes little to zero sense anymore but I'm keeping the name for the same reason that I made all of my current social media #handles the same as my AOL screenname. I was under the impression that you're supposed to have one internet name for life, and I'm stuck with the one I chose in 6th grade on a Dell Inspiron laptop using a random number generator on (ellie2635, get @ me). The numbers 2635 used to have no significance to me whatsoever but now they do because they've been with me since like, the turn of the millennium.

I was thinking the other day that I should take my recreational writing over to Medium because apparently that's what #internetwriters do at the turn of 2016, but then I would be abandoning this lil' blogger. I don't think my success as a writer has anything to do with my having a Medium or not, and if Nora Ephron had to put up with the shit that is writing for the internet then she wouldn't have one either. She'd have Blogger, I'm sure of it and I feel like I know her relatively well since I make her Heartburn salad dressing every night.

(I just got a desktop notification from Facebook and I do not like it. Fuck you Facebook. Get out of my desktop, that's a safe zone for creepy screenshots of my crushes. JK. NOT JK.) (BRB figuring out how to turn off this notification business. Done.)

I'm only blogging right now because I'm procrastinating like a mofo. I've already done all of my usual procrastination activities which entail braiding my hair, unbraiding my hair and putting it into a high ponytail, tying a bandana around my neck, chewing gum, and examining my facial hair. It's 11:03 AM which means 57 minutes until I get to drink a Diet Coke because only Karl Lagerfeld and white trash people drink soda in the morning, and I don't fit into any of those groups.

Not much else to say except I'm mostly posting this so my blog archive has (1) next to December 2015.

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