Wednesday, September 11, 2013

If You're Going to San Francisco... sure to wear flowers in your hair. Jk.

I'm going to San Francisco for my grandfather's ninety-ish birthday this weekend. Ninety-ish because he can't remember his age, and he doesn't have a birth certificate that documents it. Classic Ellis Island, amirite?

The quick weekend trip presents me with the ultimate test of minimalism. How many outfits can I create by bringing a minimal amount of individual articles of clothing? Input/output, this is not the type of economics my dad hoped I would use post-econ 101.

I've been lit-rally obsessing over the self-imposed challenge for the past 24 hours. I drew a Punnett square-esque diagram to organize my packing list at work, which resulted in one too many "who hired her?" glances from the thirty-something guy who sits adjacent from me. We'll see who's laughing when I've got the French/Isabel Marant thing down, and he doesn't. (Nope, he could care less).

I got the chunkiest of cotton sweaters on sale from Acne earlier in the summer, and it can be worn with white jeans (rolled up, just a leeeetle bit above the ankle), or with a pleated skirt. Both iterations of the look can be worn with Birkenstocks (they're here, they're queer, they're not going anywhere) or Vans slips-ons, both of which seem to be ubiquitous in San Francisco. Will also be throwing in a chambray shirt, which can be worn over the sweater, under the sweater, around the waist, or over the shoulders.

Acne Sapata Twist Sweater, Rag and Bone JeansThakoon Addition Pleated Full Skirt, Birkenstock Arizonas, Vans Classic Slip Ons, Madewell Chambray

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